Second fundraising for WASDAQ to accelerate its development

Q4 2021: Contract-Chain Avalanche and Bridge

Avalanche — AVAX

Why Avalanche Chain instead of Ethereum Chain ?

Due to the cost-push inflation of gas fee on Ethereum we believe it’s better to display $WSDQ on Avalanche first.

  • Avalanche price gas fee is several orders of magnitude lower than Ethereum
  • Avalanche “Contract Chain” supports the Ethereum virtual machine : this allows us to display our BSC code without any modification.

When will WSDQ be live on Avalanche?

We should be live on Avalanche Chain for mid-October / early November

WSDQ price will be the same on BSC and Avalanche? What about the Supply ?

The launch price of $WSDQ on Avalanche will be identical to BSC.

What is the advantage of being on several Networks?

More we multiply networks, more users we can reach and therefore more new holders.

WSDQ on BSC and Avalanche



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