WASDAQ: The Revolutionary Token Bringing Investors Better Life/Investing Balance with Pre-Defined Hours

Wasdaq’s Story

Created by two developers in France and Germany on May 2021, in one week, Wasdaq has certainly faced its challenges. One week from an idea to full-on implementation. One week to create a website, design a logo, write content, create a visual identity, publish a litepaper, sketch a roadmap, and write smart contracts. One week.

What is the goal of their project?

Invest/Life Balance — How does that work?

To date, no other token has operated with pre-defined hours. How were they able to accomplish that? Let’s take a look:

Wasdaq $WSDQ Tokenomics

  • New kind of project, no other token to date has pre-defined hours
  • Safe: 100% Liquidity locked for 3 years, 100% Team Wallets locked for 2 months, 80% of Marketing Wallet locked for 2 months
  • Team Wallets will remain locked until the team is doxxed
  • Effective Marketing
  • Listed on top token sites
  • Transparency throughout their process and growth
  • Mimics the stock market which may make it easier for people who may be cautious with 24 hour cryptos

Closing Thoughts

Wasdaq is challenging the DeFi space to give holders a safeguard revolution for their invest/life balance. Tokens and smart contracts can be rather complex. Wasdaq understands their audience and the need for transparency. Easily accessible to buy, positive charting to date, 130 holders and rising, and absolutely no dropping of token price at night! Wasdaq will certainly be an epic force in the future. Speaking of long-term plans, they hope to expand to the ETH blockchain and allow for more holders to access their token.



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WASDAQ | $WSDQ | The first token that you can trade at predefined hours | Mon-Fri : 1:30 pm – 8:00 pm UTC | Sat - Sun : CLOSED | https://wasdaq.finance